We would like to let you know about the work of the Estate Public Library at Ciudad Real (Spain). It has been part of our programme since 2011 and has established two sisterships.

It has organised a bibliographic exhibition in honour of the people affected by the earthquake of 6 February. Here is the information they share with us for your enrichment.

Thematic exhibition “Authors from Syria and Turkey”.

  • On 6 February we were all shocked by the news of the powerful earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, and their multiple aftershocks. These earthquakes caused the deaths of thousands of people and untold destruction of homes.
    We want to continue to remember the people of these two countries and, through this book exhibition featuring Syrian and Turkish authors, pay them a small tribute.
    In addition to works by the 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature, the Turkish author Orhan Pamuk and the eternal candidate for this award, the Syrian poet Ali Ahmad Said Esber, known by his pseudonym Adonis, our users will be able to borrow works by other authors from both countries.
  • In the following link you can consult the selected works: https://bit.ly/3zWktwW
  • On our website you can find all the information related to this activity: https://bpeciudadreal.castillalamancha.es/exposiciones/exposicion-tematica-autores-y-autoras-de-siria-y-turquia