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Lousada Municipal Library

Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Anunciação Gaspar, from Lousada Municipal Library (Portugal)

We inaugurate this autumn season of interviews with Anunciação Gaspar, the Librarian in charge of the Lousada Municipal Library (Portugal)! This way Lousada is the first Portuguese library to be interviewed! Lousada is one of the 5 Portuguese Libraries that are already… Continue Reading →

Happy NAPLE Sister Libraries Day! Postcard from Lousada Municipal Library, Portugal

And the day has finally arrived! Today, 13 September 2013, we are celebrating our first NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Reading is Fashionable!  Irakurtzea modan dago! Llegir està de moda!  Čitanje je u modi! Čtení je módní! Lukeminen on muodikasta! Skaityti… Continue Reading →

New Activities in Lousada Municipal Library

Today we have news from Maria Anunciação Gaspar from the Lousada Municipal Library: The partnership between sister’s libraries of Lousada and Salamanca, the Public Library Torrente Ballester, was the motivation for the realization of a bio-bibliographic exhibition about the author Gonzalo… Continue Reading →

Lousada Interest Center in Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester”

Today we have received some pictures of the Lousada Interest Center that the Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester”,  has installed in its lobby. This Center has posters, pictures, books and other materials. Isabel Sánchez Fernández already told us about this idea in… Continue Reading →

Activities 2013 from Salamanca Public Library "Torrente Ballester" and Lousada Municipal Library

Isabel Sánchez Fernández, from the Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester”  gives us an overview of the planned activities that her library and its sister library, the Lousada Municipal Library in Portugal, have in mind for 2013: From January 2013, the… Continue Reading →

Spanish visit to Portuguese Sister Library

I’m pleased to inform you the sistership between Lousada Municipal Library (Portugal) and Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester” (Spain) is proving very fruitfull. Under the Programme Sister Libraries, the Municipal Library of Lousada is a partner of the Public Library… Continue Reading →

Fruitful Sistership

I’m pleased to inform you the sistership between Lousada Municipal Library (Portugal) and Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester” (Spain) is proving very fruitful. Under this partnership, on the 4th and 5th of may, librarians from Lousada Municipal Library paid a… Continue Reading →

Sixth Sister Libraries!

New good news another time! There is a new pair of sister libraries on the Program: Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester” from Spain and Lousada Municipal Library from Portugal. They are the sixth ones!

New Portuguese Public Library in the Programme

Lousada Municipal Library has submitted its form to the Naple Sister Libraries Programme.  If you want to know more, you can see it in the tag “Libraries” at the website.

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