In order to promote library cooperation, we encourage you to send us information about the activities you design along with your sister library. It will help other sisters to find ideas they can replicate in their libraries.

Send us a few lines and a picture if possible to the Secretariat ( and we’ll write and publish the post that will also be tweeted from our account, @NAPLESisLib

You can also use this channel for promoting activities you do on your own, without the cooperation with your sister. Our blog and Twitter have a worldwide audience and you can easily give your activities a publicity abroad that’s not always easy to get. Your work can be very helpful and an inspiration for others.

Don’t forget to keep us updated. Have you found a sister? Signed an agreement? Write us at so we can promote it through the blog.

Are you experiencing troubles in finding a sister library? Both your national representative and the Secretariat are there to help you: contact us and we’ll help you find your Sister!