Isabel Sánchez Fernández, from the Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester”  gives us an overview of the planned activities that her library and its sister library, the Lousada Municipal Library in Portugal, have in mind for 2013:

From January 2013, the Library of Salamanca, Torrente Ballester, will open a section with books and other materials related to the Portuguese region of Lousada. In this section there will be art books, cookbooks, travel guides, photography books, Portuguese music and Portuguese films, and it will be installed at the entrance of the library.

We will also propose to the Library of Lousada, take your library, a photo exhibition: LA RAYA ROTA (The streak broken) with pictures of old train stations that connected Spain and Portugal in the north, this exhibition can serve as a pretext for conferences, lectures or meetings on relations between the two countries.

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