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Diego Gracia

Public Libraries in Europe and COVID-19: Findings from NAPLE Members, April-July 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) began to lead to closures of library buildings to the public at the start of March 2020. NAPLE has produced two reports to summarise the measures taken in response to the virus by public libraries in 20… Seguir leyendo →

Kamishibai theater and book at Panevėžys City Public Library (Lithuania)

 Last 22th to 26th June 2020 the workshop “Kamishibai theater and book” was held in the Children literature department “Žalioji pelėda”. It was part of the children and youth art project “The theater begins from…the library! -2”. Children aged 8-11… Seguir leyendo →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Annual Report 2020

Last 28th June the NAPLE Annual Assembly was celebrated. It was a virtual meeting for the first time in the existence of the organisation . As every year, there was a presentation about the program in which we reviewed last… Seguir leyendo →

Libraries in times of coronavirus: Viana Public Library (Spain) and Public Library in Aleksandrów (Poland)

Viana Municipal Library (Spain) and Public Library in Aleksandrów (Poland) continue with their longlasting cooperation agreement. During this pandemic they’ve designed an activity together: they’ve encouraged the children that normally go to the library to make drawings during the confimenent…. Seguir leyendo →

Libraries in times of coronavirus: Panevezys City Public library (Lithuania)

Children literature department “Žalioji pelėda”/Green Owl, Public library, other branches of library Šiaurinė/North, Židinys/Fireplace, Šaltinėlis/Little spring, Žiburėlis/ Flachlight, Parkas/park, Smėlynė/Sandy In difficult times of social quarantine, we took an online initiative addressed to children and adults. From March 16, we… Seguir leyendo →

Purchena Public Library (Spain): start over. Dedicated to all libraries, readers and librarians

Public libraries, after more than 5,000 years, we always come back. It does not matter how many times they burn us, destroy us, censor us or give us up for dead. We always come back. We have even survived the… Seguir leyendo →

Libraries in times of coronavirus: Municipal Public Library in Piekary Śląskie (Poland)

In difficult times of social quarantine, we took an online initiative addressed to children. From March 17, we have been implementing the series “A fairy tale in the library”, which consists in the fact that every day librarians read to… Seguir leyendo →

Libraries as gardens

We’ve  found this interesting innitiative and thought it was worth sharing: “Libraries as Gardens is a creative project that wants to geolocate and map, on a global scale, the before, during and after of the coronavirus lockdown, through recordings of the… Seguir leyendo →

Libraries in times of coronavirus: the case of Public Library of Pittem (Belgium)

Just as many Belgian libraries, Public Library of Pittem is closed for the public, but on April 6th we started a pick-up service. People can mail a list with materials they want us to prepare. On a fixed moment we… Seguir leyendo →

Dutch libraries are open online and provide extra (remote) services

The buildings of the KB, National Library of the Netherlands and al public libraries nationwide are closed until the 28th of April and all public activities have been cancelled. Nevertheless, online content remains available to the public and our customer… Seguir leyendo →

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