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Engaging virtual English conversations in the time of pandemic: Panevėžys County Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Public Library (Lithuania)

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, libraries lost the opportunity to interact directly with their visitors so most of them are currently trying to provide as many remote services as possible by keeping in touch with the existing users and… Seguir leyendo →

Project “Latice“ at the library – distance is not an issue

Public Library “Fran Galovic” Koprivnica is well known for its programs created for vulnerable social groups such as blind and visually impaired, elderly, unemployed, and programs for Roma people which have been awarded international prizes. Since 2008, our library cooperates… Seguir leyendo →

Remote Meetings Space, a project in Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library (Lithuania)

Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library participates in the program for the development of new products and / or services of cultural and art organizations. The project Remote Meetings Space “Virtual Meetings ”was submitted to the Lithuanian Culture Council and partial… Seguir leyendo →

Drawing exhibition: a collaborative activity from Public Library in Aleksandrów (Poland) and Viana Public Library (Spain)

The public library of Viana has prepared a new activity with Aleksandrow, our sister library: a drawing exhibition! Last April, during confinement, both libraries prepared a virtual exhibition of drawings made by children from our public schools, from 3 to… Seguir leyendo →

News from the NAPLE sistership between Iisalmi City Library and Edinburgh Libraries

Iisalmi City Library (Finland) and Edinburgh Libraries (Scotland) have been NAPLE Sister Libraries since the beginning of 2019. The correspondence between libraries has been active and we have been keeping in touch with emails and Skype meetings. We have also… Seguir leyendo →

New Library! Klaipeda City Municipality Imanuelis Kantas Public Library (Lithuania)

We are very happy to announce the incorporation of another Lithuanian library to the NAPLE Sister Libraries program. Klaipeda is a beautiful city in Western Lithuania, by the Baltic Sea. Klaipeda City Municipality Imanuelis Kantas Public Library serves a population… Seguir leyendo →

Public Libraries in Europe and COVID-19: Findings from NAPLE Members, April-July 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) began to lead to closures of library buildings to the public at the start of March 2020. NAPLE has produced two reports to summarise the measures taken in response to the virus by public libraries in 20… Seguir leyendo →

Kamishibai theater and book at Panevėžys City Public Library (Lithuania)

 Last 22th to 26th June 2020 the workshop “Kamishibai theater and book” was held in the Children literature department “Žalioji pelėda”. It was part of the children and youth art project “The theater begins from…the library! -2”. Children aged 8-11… Seguir leyendo →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Annual Report 2020

Last 28th June the NAPLE Annual Assembly was celebrated. It was a virtual meeting for the first time in the existence of the organisation . As every year, there was a presentation about the program in which we reviewed last… Seguir leyendo →

Libraries in times of coronavirus: Viana Public Library (Spain) and Public Library in Aleksandrów (Poland)

Viana Municipal Library (Spain) and Public Library in Aleksandrów (Poland) continue with their longlasting cooperation agreement. During this pandemic they’ve designed an activity together: they’ve encouraged the children that normally go to the library to make drawings during the confimenent…. Seguir leyendo →

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