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Sastamala Public Library

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at sisters Sastamala City Library (Finland) & Koprivnica Public Library ”Fran Galović" (Croatia)

Last Friday, 12th September NAPLE Sister Libraries Day was celebrated. Kaisa Kytömäki, from Sastamala City Library, sends us the information about the activity they, along with their sister, developed for this day: Sastamala City Library (Finland) and Koprivnica Public Library ”Fran Galović” (Croatia) celebrated… Continue Reading →

Sister libraries from Croatia and Finland present their cooperation at IFLA Lyon 2014

After the successful staff exchange in the autumn last year the librarians from Public Library “Fran Galovic” Koprivnica and Public Library Sastamala have prepared a poster for IFLA which is being held in Lyon, France this year. There was a… Continue Reading →

Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Kaisa Kytömäki, from Sastamala Public Library (Finland)

Today in our interviews Section we have the pleasure of introducing Kaisa Kytömäki, from Sastamala Public Library in Finland. This was one of the first libraries to join NAPLE Sister Libraries, more than 2 years ago, practically the same time it’s… Continue Reading →

Pictures from Public Library “Fran Galovic” participation in IFLA Singapore 2013

As you will remember, during the last IFLA Conference held in Singapore in 2013, the  Public Library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica, Croatia, and its sister Sastamala Public Library in Finland, presented a poster on their experience under the title: NAPLE Sister Libraries Programme: Cooperation of… Continue Reading →

Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Dijana Sabolović-Krajina, from “Public Library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica (Croatia)

 We are back with the first interview of 2014! The library to be featured is the “Public Library “Fran Galovic”  in Koprivnica, the first Croatian library in our interviews section! we have the pleasure of introducing  Dijana Sabolović‐Krajina, the director of the library. “Public… Continue Reading →

NAPLESisLib Day! Sisters: Library “Fran Galovic” (Croatia) & Sastamala Library (Finland)

Today we show you the postcard that the Public Library “Fran Galovic”, Koprivnica (Croatia)  prepared for the  NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Celebration that took place last 13 September. They have made it in collaboration with their sister library, the Sastamala Public Library (Finland). Kaisa Kytömäki  from the… Continue Reading →

Poster in IFLA Conference, Singapore, 2013

Remember the poster we presented on NAPLE Sister Libraries  in the last IFLA Conference, in Helsinki in 2012? We have great news today!  This year, in IFLA Conference Singapore 2013,  the  Public Library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica, Croatia, and its sister Sastamala Public Library in… Continue Reading →

Activities from Koprivnica Public Library (Croatia) & Sastamala Public Library (Finland)

Our NAPLE Sister Libraries contact for Croatia, Ana Dadić , has sent us this news by Kristian Ujlaki, from the Public Library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica, Croatia, on their sistership with the Sastamala Public Library in Finland. Cooperation between Public library „Fran Galovic“ Koprivnica and Sastamala… Continue Reading →

Examples of cooperation from Koprivnica

Our Public Library Fran Galovic in Koprivnica, Croatia has established a sistership with Sastamala Public Library from Finland. From the beggining communication and cooperation were very pleasant. We have been interested in some of its programmes like cooperation with local… Continue Reading →

New sistership!

New good news another time! There is a new pair of sister libraries on the Program: Public Library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica from Croatia and Sastamala Public Library from Finland. You can check all the sisterships made so far here.

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