Our Public Library Fran Galovic in Koprivnica, Croatia has established a sistership with Sastamala Public Library from Finland. From the beggining communication and cooperation were very pleasant. We have been interested in some of its programmes like cooperation with local high school students who were their partners in creating a new space for young adults in the library building. Colleagues from Sastamala sent us a description about this project. We find it  very useful and inspirational for planning some of our activities. Namely, we are working at the project of a new library building and suggestions and ideas about concept and functions of new spaces are very useful.

Our Children department  has  exchanged some information about programmes for children. During  summer time we will have an on-line quiz for upper grade primary scool students in Koprivnica “Learn more about Finland, the land of our Sister library in Sastamala”.  It is aiming to develop skills of information source searching. Competetors with the best results will be awarded with books on International Literacy Day (September 8th, 2012). The quiz is launched on our web site: http://www.knjiznica-koprivnica.hr/detaljiNovosti.aspx?id_novosti=558. We will also cooperate with Finnish coleagues in an exhibition about Finland in Croatia in October.

In August our director Mrs. Dijana Sabolovic-Krajina will attend IFLA annual conference and congress in Helsinki and it will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues from Sastamala who are willing to come to Helsinki to meet her. There is also possibility for our director to visit our sister library in Sastamala – it is yet to be arranged.

We are planning to apply at certain EU funds to help us to realise study visit for small group of our librarians to Sastamala and Helsinki later this year.

Danijela Petrić , Head of the Children department
Kristian Ujlaki, Head of the Study department
Public  Library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica