After the successful staff exchange in the autumn last year the librarians from Public Library “Fran Galovic” Koprivnica and Public Library Sastamala have prepared a poster for IFLA which is being held in Lyon, France this year.

There was a wish both in Sastamala and Koprivnica to have first-hand experience of libraries and library work on the opposite sides of Europe. Thus, in 2013, librarians from both libraries applied funding through the European Union programme Grundtvig for professional visits to the sister library. Consequently, in autumn 2013, one Kaisa Kytömäki from Sastamala spent 3 months in Croatia, and Petar Lukačić from Koprivnica spent 10 days in Finland.

After the cooperation on a poster last year’s IFLA in Singapore two libraries have decided to share their experiences about their Grundtvig visits and the poster has been accepted and will be presented in Lyon by Kaisa Kytömäki.

IFLA poster