NAPLE Sister Libraries Day 2014 was celebrated on 12th September.

That year, instead of a reading campaign we wanted to highlight the important role public libraries play in digital inclusion, lifelong learning and social inclusion. And Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel, who was the promoter of this celebration, has come up with a slogan that we think illustrates this role in a very catchy way:

   Library full of dreams – immerse yourself!

For this second edition of NSL Day we tried the libraries who wanted to participate to co-operate with each other for arranging different activities. So, they were urged  to propose an activity they could send to so we could forward it to all the sisters to join in, as Aleksandra did in 2013. They could also do something on their own.

Is there any champion librarian who wants to arrange a massive event like last year? Something to be done at the same time at a certain hour this 12th September? A flash mob maybe? Taking the library to the street and involve the passersby in some kind of game that would point at the digital inclusion, lifelong learning and social inclusion role? Do you want to design a poster with the slogan so we can show it in the Blog and you can hang on your library walls that day?

Use your imagination, Sister, and help making this day a big day for European Public Libraries!

Activities at NAPLE Sister Libraries:

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