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Kaunas County Public Library

The LinkINjob project at Ljubljana City Library (Slovenia) and Kaunas County Public Library (Lithuania)

Simona Resman, from Ljubljana City Library, sends some information about this interesting project they’ve been working at since last year along with her sister, Kaunas County Public Library (Lithuania) and 5 more partners. LinkINjob: job-hunting with the help of librarians… Seguir leyendo →

Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Simona Resman, from Ljubljana City Library (Slovenia)

Today in our interviews Section we have the pleasure of introducing  Simona Resman, Assistant Director at the Ljubljana City Library. It is the first Slovenian library in our Interviews Section! Ljubljana City Library was one of the first libraries to participate  in… Seguir leyendo →

NAPLESisLib Day! Postcard from Kaunas County Public Library (Lithuania)

We are back with the postcards that the libraries are designing for our NAPLE Sister Libraries Day to be celebrated next 13th September. You can read all about it here! Today we are showing you the Kaunas County Public Library (Lithuania) postcard that they have… Seguir leyendo →

Sister Libraries Piekary Slaskie (Poland) & Kaunas (Lithuania) Project

Today we have great news from Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel from the  Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie in Poland on the project they are carrying out with their sister Kaunas County Public Library (Lithuania),  which we told you about last April, Following the footsteps of the insurgents… Seguir leyendo →

Activities from sisters Piekary Slaskie (Poland) & Kaunas (Lithuania)

If you read last week’ s interview with Valentina Grinevičienė, from the Kaunas County Public Library, you already know about the project Following the footsteps of the insurgents 1863 in Lithuania. This is what she explained: «We are grateful to Director of Municipal Public Library… Seguir leyendo →

Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Valentina Grinevičienė, from Kaunas County Public Library (KCPL) in Lithuania.

 Today in our interviews Section we have the pleasure of introducing Valentina Grinevičienė, from the Kaunas County Public Library (KCPL) in Lithuania.   KCPL is one of the 4 Lithuanian Libraries that are currently participating in the programme, and it… Seguir leyendo →

New Section! Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries.Today: Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel from the Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie

Today we are presenting a new Section: Interviews with Sister Libraries. We will be regularly interviewing the librarians that make possible that this programme is working, the professionals responsible for the programme in our sister libraries. We will learn more… Seguir leyendo →

Activities from sister libraries Ljubljana, Kaunas and Krakow

We start 2013 with information of the 2012 activities that Simona Resman, from Ljubljana City Library (@mestnaknjiznica), Slovenia, has sent concerning its sister libraries, the Regional Public Library in Krakow (Poland) and the Kaunas County Public Library in Lithuania (@KAVBiblioteka): Last… Seguir leyendo →

News from the Municipal Public Library of Piekary Slaskie, Poland

A little while ago we wrote on the Project Sister Libraries in Action for Youth of the Municipal Public Library of Piekary Slaskie (Poland). Today we we give you more information facilitated by its director, Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel. Out of this visit they… Seguir leyendo →

New Sistership

To celebrate Libraries Day 🙂 we announce a new sistership, this time between our absolute champion in sisterships so far, the Polish Municipal Public Library of Piekary Slaskie -which already has 7 sister libraries!!!- and the Lithuanian Kaunas County Public library,… Seguir leyendo →

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