The NAPLE Sister Libraries programme helps European Public Libraries get in touch and cooperate with others. This not only helps librarians in their work through the co-designing of activities, or the patrons that’ll benefit from participating in them, but also helps building a European Public Libraries Network, bringing together the countries that are part of the European Union  through knowledge and culture. It creates understanding and solidarity amongst people.

The do this by disemminating the program amongst librarians in each of the 15 countries that are part of this innitiative., encouraging them to join and form a sistership.

Furthermore, we serve as a platform for the promotion at a worldwide level of the libraries -by publishing the projects they develop alone or with their sisters-   and dissemination of their activities.

We also engage in other dissemination campaigns, such as the interviews we make to librarians participating in the program and the celebration of the NAPLE Sisters Libraries Day