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New activities from sisters Aleksandrow (Poland) & Allo (Spain)

We have received news from Justyna Bździuch, from the Public Library in Aleksandrow (Poland) about some new activities they are doing with their sister library in Spain Allo Public Library. Both libraries have started a programme for their reading clubs, where they are… Continue Reading →

Meet our Libraries: New Pictures from the Public Library in Aleksandrow, Poland

Today we have new pictures from the Public Library in Aleksandrow,  Poland. As always you will be able to find them all with more information in the Libraries Section, under the library’s name. The Public Library in Aleksandrow is the sister of the Allo Public… Continue Reading →

New pictures from Allo Public Library, Spain

We continue with new pictures, this time from Navarre, Spain and its Allo Public Library! As always the pictures will be available in the libraries tag, under the name of the library. The first picture is Allo’s City Hall, a… Continue Reading →

Activities in Allo (Spain) and Aleksandrow (Poland)

Iñaki Suso Espadas, librarian in Allo Public Library, Navarra, Spain, has sent us this piece of news on the activities of the Allo Public Library (Spain)-Public Library in Aleksandrow (Poland) sistership: “Public libraries of Allo (Spain) and Aleksandrow (Poland) have developed a joint cultural activity from December 18 2012 to January 18, 2013. This… Continue Reading →

New activities from Allo Public Library (Spain) and Aleksandrow Public Library (Poland)

We have news from the Allo Public Library (Spain) and the Aleksandrow Public Library (Poland). This is what Justyna Bździuch tells us about their next activities: Allo Public Library and Aleksandrow Public Library are preparing activities for the last two months of… Continue Reading →

New Sistership!

We have good news another time. Public Library in Aleksandrów from Poland and Allo Public Library from Spain have established our 22st sistership! This is the first sistership for both libraries. Remember you can check all the libraries participating here… Continue Reading →

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