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Library Tielt-Winge

Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Kathleen Dubois, from Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium)

Here we come back today with another interview. This time we have Kathleen Dubois from the Library Tielt-Winge  from Belgium. It is the first Belgian library to be interviewed!   Bibliotheek Tielt-Winge was the first Belgian library to participate  in the programme,… Continue Reading →

New Sistership! Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium) & Ermua Municipal Library (Spain)

We have great news today: a new sistership for the autumn season! The Library Tielt-Winge  from Belgium and the Ermua Municipal Library  from Spain, incorporated to the programme this year, have become sister libraries! This will be the second sistership for  Library Tielt-Winge, which… Continue Reading →

Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium) Creates Promotional Video

Today we have news from Kathleen Dubois, the Director of Library Tielt-Winge from Belgium, who tells us that they have made a promotion movie for their  library with an iPad. The title is The Library is for everybody! Here you have it! Related… Continue Reading →

New Activities of Sister Libraries Tielt-Winge (Belgium) & Krapina (Croatia)

Continuing the work on the  cooperation between two sister libraries, Mrs Kathleen Dubois the Director of Library Tielt-Winge from Belgium visited Krapina Public Library in Croatia where she met with the employees, talked with the Library users and saw a librarian play called… Continue Reading →

Meet our Libraries: New Pictures from Library Tielt-Winge, Belgium, Part 2

And today we show the pictures that Library Tielt-Winge, Belgium, has sent us on its branch Sint-Joris-Winge!    

Meet our Libraries: New Pictures from Library Tielt-Winge, Belgium

Today we have some new cool pictures from the Head Library of Library Tielt-Winge, Belgium (@BibTieltWinge)! They have also a new website:

Krapina Public Library (Croatia) and Tielt-Winge Library (Belgium)

Krapina Public Library (Croatia) and Tielt-Winge Library (Belgium) have sent us some news on their activities together: October 2012.  Belgian Library Tielt-Winge  in cooperation with City Library Krapina set a photo exhibition to present City Library Krapina and city of… Continue Reading →

First experiences of Krapina Public Library with its sister libraries

Krapina Public Library has informed Croatian public about sisterhood with Spanish and Belgium libraries through our web pages ( and  media – television and newspapers. The next step that we made with the aim of providing information about the town… Continue Reading →

Third Sister Libraries!

New good news another time! There is a new pair of sister libraries on the Program: Krapina Public Library from Croatia and her second sister Tielt-Winge Library from Belgium!

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