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Krapina Public Library

The Readership Club at Krapina Public Library (Croatia)

Saša Sabol, librarian at the Krapina Public Library, in Croatia, has sent us information about their Readership Club: The idea of  establishing the Readership Club  in our library emerged long time ago before it was finally founded in 2014. We were delighted… Continue Reading →

Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Kathleen Dubois, from Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium)

Here we come back today with another interview. This time we have Kathleen Dubois from the Library Tielt-Winge  from Belgium. It is the first Belgian library to be interviewed!   Bibliotheek Tielt-Winge was the first Belgian library to participate  in the programme,… Continue Reading →

New Activities of Sister Libraries Tielt-Winge (Belgium) & Krapina (Croatia)

Continuing the work on the  cooperation between two sister libraries, Mrs Kathleen Dubois the Director of Library Tielt-Winge from Belgium visited Krapina Public Library in Croatia where she met with the employees, talked with the Library users and saw a librarian play called… Continue Reading →

Krapina Public Library (Croatia) and Tielt-Winge Library (Belgium)

Krapina Public Library (Croatia) and Tielt-Winge Library (Belgium) have sent us some news on their activities together: October 2012.  Belgian Library Tielt-Winge  in cooperation with City Library Krapina set a photo exhibition to present City Library Krapina and city of… Continue Reading →

First experiences of Krapina Public Library with its sister libraries

Krapina Public Library has informed Croatian public about sisterhood with Spanish and Belgium libraries through our web pages ( and  media – television and newspapers. The next step that we made with the aim of providing information about the town… Continue Reading →

Fourth Sister Libraries!

Krapina Public Library from Croatia has a third sister library, the Kuusamo City Library in Finland. You can check all the sisterships made so far here.

Third Sister Libraries!

New good news another time! There is a new pair of sister libraries on the Program: Krapina Public Library from Croatia and her second sister Tielt-Winge Library from Belgium!

First Sister Libraries!!!

Croatian Krapina Public Library from Krapina city and Spanish Biblioteca Cal Gallifa from Sant Joan de Vilatorrada city have decided to become sister libraries! They are the first match on Sister Libraries Programme, who would like to be the next… Continue Reading →

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