NAPLE Sister Libraries Day (NSLD) was first celebrated in 13 September 2013.

The NAPLE sister libraries participating designed  one or more special postcards with the slogan Reading is Fashionable . Then, printed them and attached them to balloons that were released. Postcards included these messages in a combination of English and the local language of each library.

Postcards and Activities at NAPLE Sister Libraries:

Reports and pictures of the celebration:

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day around the Internet:

The Postcards

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Reading is Fashionable  slogan in the languages of the participating libraries:

  • Basque: Irakurtzea modan dago!
  • Catalan: Llegir està de moda!
  • Croatian: Čitanje je u modi!
  • Czech: Čtení je módní!
  • Finnish: Lukeminen on muodikasta!
  • Lithuanian: Skaityti madinga!
  • Polish: Czytanie jest modne!
  • Portuguese: Ler está na moda!
  • Slovene: Branje je v modi!
  • Spanish: ¡Leer está de moda!