We are very excited to share with you a very creative activity sent to us by one of our 17 libraries in Lithuania: Panevezys Elena Mezginaite Public Library (Lithuania)


On April 27  creative workshop for adult “Handmade dolls” was held in the public library. Teacher at the Panevėžys Art School Rima Keršienė led the educational session. The teacher is an active reader of the Public Library, and she said, already of her dolls was created based on the pictures of the heroes of the books she read.

The teacher told the women who came to the education the whole process of creating a doll. First, the doll’s metal frame made. The doll’s face and expression created from the modellling clay, then the arms and legs are made, together with the shoes. The artist does not follow the proportions of the body when creating dolls. She arranges them according to the mood, according to the planned outfit. Sometimes the appearance can be determined by the presence of a single detail.

 All visitors involved to the beginning of the puppet creation process. The most difficult to give expression to the doll’s face, make eyebrows and attach the head to the neck. The teacher patiently explained and helped to find the most suitable option. Rima Keršienė was delighted and praised by the education visitor that everyone tried hard and worked willingly. The final result was excellent. The educational visitors left satisfied – carrying their handmade dolls.

Education “Handmade dolls” is one of the activities of the project “Kaleidoscope of Literary Art” (sponsor – Panevėžys City Municipality).

Text by librarians Audronė Dzedravičienė, Anžela Vasiliauskienė

Photo by Živilė Snicorytė, Gitana Navagruckienė