We have thought it would be a good idea to publish a list of the libraries which don’t have a sister yet so that they can be easily checked by anyone interested in being their sisters. We will update this list as libraries get sisters!

Remember that the whole list of libraries participating can be consulted in the Libraries page. Also, remember that libraries can have more than one sister! Every library decides how many sister libraries they want to have.  But we list here those without any sisters for your convenience.

So, what do you have to do to become one of these libraries’s sister? If you are:

  • A library already participatin in NAPLE Sister Libraries: Just contact the library directly and if you both finally decide that you are going to establish a sister relationship, inform us at naple.sisterlibraries@gmail.com
  • A library that wishes to participate at the programme: first have a look at the call for participation, which has no deadline, to see if your country is participating and then, follow the instructions given by sending the fulfilled form to the NAPLE representative in your country, which you can see here. If you find in this list a library that you are interested in collaborating with, you can indicate that in the form as well. Otherwise just write about the features of the kind of library you would like to ideally collaborate with. We will also upload your form in this list so that all the libraries that have applied can see it and everyone has more chances to find a sister library among all these or among others that in the future may apply.