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City Library Ilok

Activities at City Library Ilok, Croatia

Today we have some very complete news sent by Marija Kraljević from the  City Library Ilok, in Croatia about their recent activities!: Since November 2012 our library is involved in CROSS-Border Programme by EU. The activities of this programme are focused on… Seguir leyendo →

Libraries Without Sisters!!

We have thought it would be a good idea to publish a list of the libraries which don’t have a sister yet so that they can be easily checked by anyone interested in being their sisters. We will update this… Seguir leyendo →

4th New Croatian Library in 2013!

Today we welcome the City Library Ilok to NAPLE Sister Libraries! This is the fourth Croatian library to register this year in NAPLE Sister Libraries! Ilok is the eastermost town in Croatia, overlooking the Danube river and situated in a  rich wine-growing… Seguir leyendo →

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