Today we welcome the City Library Ilok to NAPLE Sister Libraries!

This is the fourth Croatian library to register this year in NAPLE Sister Libraries! Ilok is the eastermost town in Croatia, overlooking the Danube river and situated in a  rich wine-growing region.

As you will read if you clik on its name, this is what they ideally  look for in a sister library:  “We would be interested in cooperation with a small public library serving a population of up to   10.000 residents, located in a tourist (famous wine) region, like our library is. Or  just exchanging experience, ideas and photos with interested libraries.

They are willing to have sister libraries in any country but specially in Poland, since City Library Ilok has a collection of Jelije Benešić, the famous writer and translator of Polish literature and organise cultural events around it.

Here you have some pictures they have sent. Remeber that you can find you  all the information concerning this and every other library in the Libraries Section.  Also, by cliking in its name in this post you can see its application form.

With this new incorporation we reach 67 European libraries looking for sisters!

Are you interested in joining us? Would you like to have a sister library in other European country? If you are not participating yet in the programme, go ahead and read the Call tag to see what this is all is about. You have 67 European Public Libraries looking forward to being your sisters!

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