In summer, we all like to have time to read. For a good and interesting summer reading we have prepared special surprises for our readers. These are secret packages of books, which we have named them Cat in a Sack. Cat in a Sack is a special expression in Slovene for a thing we do not know or have not seen. Each such bag contains three or four books of fiction, and some non-fiction books which are carefully chosen by librarians. The reader does not see what books he borrowed, they can only choose books according to the genre whether it is crime, science fiction, novels about love and history, biographies, humor or children’s books.

Cat in a Sack – summer packages of books are became very popular among our readers, who like to indulge in our choice. And at the end, they also read books they would never have picked in the library; with that we are expanding their reading horizons.

In Ljubljana City Library we prepare each year about 7.500 packages and more than 28.000 books are borrowed.