Today Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel, from the Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie (Poland) sends us information and pictures onthis initiative they have acarried out in the library. If you have not read yet our interview with Aleksandra, the director of the participating library with largest muber of sister libraries in the programme, you can read it here.


Educational project for children financed by ING Dzieciom Foundation

First aid is a life skill that everyone can and should learn. The increase in the number of accidents, injuries of children was the main reason taking such topic. We wanted to give them the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the confidence to save lives. The activities were planned before summer holiday intentionally children remember how to stay safe and help others.

youngest child

The main objectives of the project were:

  • Teaching the principles of first aid,
  • Developing skills to cope with difficult situations,
  • Increased sense of responsibility for their own safety and others,
  • Shaping attitudes willingness to first-aid,
  • Increase the safety of children,
  • Overcoming the fear of first aid,

The project included comprehensive activities aimed at changing attitudes and acquiring the skills to rapidly assess the situation of risk and give rescue. Children learned how to avoid danger and what to do if something wrong happened in their environment.

calling ambulance

The following activities took place during the project:

  • Art contest for a poster “First aid in case of accident” promoting the correct attitude and behavior in the event of threats for pupils of schools. All posters were presented at the exhibition, which can visit until the end of summer


  • Lion Lucjan and small life-savers– workshops for children helping them to cope with danger situations: how call the rescue, how to give somebody first aid and how to be safe


  • Meeting with the rescuer for adults and older children, who explained how to act in emergency situations. Participants had a lot of questions that lifeguard gave comprehensive answers.


  • Trip to the fire department, where children could get to know daily work of firemen, fire truck equipment. What it’s like to be a fireman – every child could see when tried to put out the fire in his hands holding the fire hose or when they transported the injured in accident.

Visit to fire station
visit to fire station
visit to fire station

  • Theatrical performance, which was a simple and easy way to learn basic first aid skills. Friendly teddy bear with his best friend Mateusz learned how to be safe, healthy and playful. The teddy bear meets a policeman, a fireman and a doctor who teach him to take care of safety. Colorful scenery, original costumes, songs and  music gave the children a lot of fun and taught them many important things.

theatre play

  • Bicycle Driving License for children older than 10 years – to received the license children had to learn rules of the road and so they filled tests online,
  • Books of first aid – the acquisition of knowledge about first aid was possible also through the books purchased to the library.


books on first aid

Every participant of the project got: bookmark containing the title of the project and emergency numbers, reflective band – “life reflection”, button “Small Life-Saver”. The winners of art contest for a poster got diplomas and attractive prizes.

reflective bands

Accidents and emergencies can happen at any time. Thanks to participation in the project “Academy of life saving” young people are more able, confident and willing to help in a first aid situation. When during the holidays children meet with unsafe situation they will deal with it certainly and use knowledge acquired during the workshop.