Sister libraries Municipal Library Český Těšín (Czech Republic) and Daruvar Public Library (Croatia) have launched a common website on their sistership:

Jana Galášová, from the Municipal Library Český Těšín, explains to us how it happened and their objectives:

How did the shared website occur?
Our sister library is “Puck knjižnica and čitaonica” in Daruvar where 20 % of Czech compatriots live. The shared website is in Czech language. We inform each other about library activities.
We meet via videoconferences, jointly organize events for children such as “Night with Andersen”, “Book about my city” or the competition in creative writing “Become a writer”.
The website contains information about our cities, monuments and history.
The website is updated regularly.

Congratulations to both libraries, thank you!! We think it is a great idea, and it is definitely something that other sister libraries can also easily do, adapting it to their needs!

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