An interesting topic has arisen lately amongst the library community on how public libraries can expand their influence and provide a set of services beyond the traditional. As Mogens Verstegaard points out, the traditional library is being overcome by another model, the relational library that’ll meet the expectations of nowadays users.

In this line, new services are offered from the public libraries, services that meet the needs of the citizens they serve thus making the library an institution in the centre of the community, dynamic and truly useful. In this context, Klaipėda County I. Simonaitytė Public Library, offers the service ‘Law Clinic’:

“Klaipeda‘s I. Simonaityte library offer a free ‘Law Clinic’ for all library visitors. The library is now collaborating with Vilnius University, the oldest and largest higher education institution in Lithuania.This Vilnius University ‘Law Clinic’ is popular between young business men, non-governmental organisations or other people who can‘t afford to hire a lawyer.

Library visitors who have the legal problems get the opportunity to consult with Law students. Consultations are private, confidential and free with access to quiet rooms, computers, access to internet and skype.

Those who would require legal consultations in Klaipeda I. Simonaityte library can write on this e-mail: or register directly to Klaipeda I. Simonaityte library”.

Ieva Grigaitytė
Cultural activities manager, Klaipeda I. Simonaityte library