Library – “Example of Inclusion and Redevelopment of Abandoned Spaces” in Category: “Social Cohesion & Sustainable Development”

The Silver Award of the Best City Awards, which reward Innovation and Quality of Life in Greek cities, was awarded to the Municipal Library of the Municipality of Katerini, during a bright and dynamic Award Ceremony, held on Monday, January 16, at the “Miltiadis Evert” Amphitheater in Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.
In particular, in the awards-institution, the silver distinction of the Municipal Library of the Municipality of Katerini, as an “Example of the inclusion and reconfiguration of abandoned spaces” in the Category: “Social Cohesion & Sustainable Development” is a reward for the initiatives for its multi-level upgrade.
The award was received by the president of the Organization of Culture (OPPAP) of the Municipality of Katerini, Yiannis Dadamis, and the head of programs and projects of the Municipal Library Panagiotis Triantafyllidis.

Reward initiatives

With his statement, the Mayor of Katerini Kostas Koukodimos thanked everyone who contributed to the “transformation” of the Municipal Library, while as he said: “The distinction awarded to the municipality of Katerini is the highest honor and reward for our efforts. A truly important award for Culture and our Katerini. They deserve warm congratulations and a big thank you to all the contributors, to all the involved services and employees of our Municipality. Through an organized social protection plan, through projects and actions with a social sign, we promote good practices for social integration, equal access to structures, as necessary conditions for the transition of society towards a model of sustainable development. And we go on!”.

An important distinction

The president of the Organization of Culture (OPPAP) of the Municipality of Katerini, Yiannis Dadamis, noted among others: “This important distinction received by our Municipal Library belongs to many contributors, who supported our plan not only for the utilization of a previously abandoned municipal property , but also for the creation of a space of inclusion: vulnerable social groups come and participate as equal members in actions and activities from which they were excluded until now”.
In addition, as he characteristically stated: “[…] The Municipal Library of Katerini has adopted the process of sustainable development, as it exchanges information, shares culture, promotes participation. This becomes more evident in communities that include People with Disabilities, Roma and generally all subgroups of a community for whom access to knowledge and information, culture and Education can be valuable.”
At the same time, both the Mayor and the president of OPPAP expressed thanks to the Board of Directors of the Municipal Parking Company “Polis” of the Municipality of Katerini, for the continuous support of the initiatives and actions concerning the municipal library.

During the event, the President of the Judging Committee Dimitris Papastergiou, President of KEDE and Mayor of Trikkaia, congratulated all the Mayors and their colleagues who received distinctions in the awards, while the representative of the President of the Greek Government, Minister of the Interior Mavroudis Voridis, stated that the Government supports the serious work undertaken by the Municipalities and pointed out that institutions such as the Best City Awards manage to highlight important practices and mobilize the authorities of the cities towards the continuous effort to improve the everyday life of their citizens, but also their sustainable operation as a whole .

The event was attended by winners – executives of local authorities, members of the Jury, representatives of the State, businesses, as well as journalists.