Once again Santa Maria da Feria Municipal Library sends us its agenda to share the activities for the month of October, we think we can learn a lot from its work.

Here is a brief compilation of the agenda:

  • Group exhibition of paintings and sculptures

“With this exhibition called “Ofício da Solitude vol.I” (The Craft of Solitude), we can physically access the work of 10 artists who took part in the first season of a series of episodes about visual artists with the same name. In that series, in dialogue with Rui Reininho in his studios, the creators were able to reveal their technique, their path and their philosophy of life.
Now comes the opportunity for the public to experience this Art directly, face to face, with the artists’ creations.” Fernando Augusto Rocha.

  • Read & Tell by Bru Junça: target audience families with children aged 3 and over years
  • Knitting club

The library’s knitting club meets fortnightly under the guidance of Paula Magalhães.
In an informal and relaxed atmosphere, conversations, skeins and needles mingle needles, techniques and stitches are learnt and shared, memories are created and friendships are made.

  • Reading club for parents and children by Joana Ribas

Strange things are happening in the big mansion, but the little girl who lives there
doesn’t realise what it is. Could it be a ghost?
This will be the motto for the new session of the Parents and Children Reading Club, where each session covers a theme and develops activities. A space where everyone is invited to get to know and explore the educational potential of the marvellous world of children’s literature.

  • Decorative arts club: scented soap workshop

In this session, Paula Ferreira presents a proposal for personalised, original and scented soaps that are easy to prepare and make.
Using donkey’s milk glycerine, essences and cosmetic colourings, the aim is to make scented soaps. Each participant will apply this technique and will take home a soap to aromatise their home.

  • Gastronomy club: spinach ravioli and sea bass fillet grilled

Santa Maria da Feira is part of UNESCO’s network of creative cities in the Gastronomy. With a regular programme of gastronomy workshops and the participation of local chefs, we will be promoting the territory’s gastronomic heritage.
In this session, Chef Elisabete Miranda will make spinach ravioli stuffed with spinach ravioli stuffed with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, sea bass fillet grilled on a plate and a light cherry tomato and saffron sauce will be prepared by Chef Elisabete Miranda.

  • Strategy club: board games workshop

The meetings of the library’s strategy club offer you a journey of discovery through fascinating games, providing moments of fun and mental challenge that will surprise you.
Accept our invitation and come and explore a wide range of high quality and increasingly complex games.

  • Different film sessions for families