We are pleased to introduce you to the work of the Library Country Charitable Foundation. It was established in June 2015. The purpose of the Foundation’s work is to carry out charitable activities aimed at providing assistance and promoting the legitimate interests of libraries in Ukraine.

Currently, the foundation is carrying out an initiative to establish cooperation with the libraries of Europe. With this initiative, the foundation works on the concept of sistership between libraries.

Among the directions of cooperation of Sister Libraries are the following:

  • Promotion of information cooperation and countering disinformation
  • Cultural and professional direction: exchange of experience
  • Humanitarian support.

If you are ready to become a partner for the Ukrainian library, please fill in the form. You can find steps of partnership implementation and more information by the link

As a result of Russian aggression, more than 600 libraries have been damaged or destroyed. But at the same time, libraries become open to the needs of internally displaced Ukrainians, support people during blackouts, and oppose the cultural genocide of Russians.

For professional, moral, and humanitarian support, the libraries of Ukraine are interested in establishing international cooperation and finding sister libraries.

Library Country Charitable Foundation