We don´t want to end the year without encouraging libraries that don´t have a sister library or libraries that would like to have more sister libraries to establish a new sistership. That’s why we are reopening the campaign. Find a Sister Library.

You already know the advantages of Sistership:

  • Expand your library horizons
  • Exchange library resources
  • Exchange cultural events
  • Develop processional contacts

And more and more advantages that you can’t miss out on!

So for all of you who have not yet taken the first step, or you have not received a reply from the library, or you don´t know how to establish a sistership, take this opportunity. Just you have to do is fill in this form

With your details we will put you in contact with the libraries that match your preferences.

Of course, it is not compulsory to establish the proposed fellowship. These are suggestions, you are free to choose

If you are not a library of the programme you can participate but first you have to join the programme by filling out this form