For the fourth time since the NAPLE Sister Libraries program was launched, a library in the program has won the prestigious EIFL Public Library Innovation Awards, open to all public and community libraries in developing and transition countries. The calls highlight important community development issues and recognize innovative uses of digital technology to improve people’s lives.

Piekary Slaskie Municipal Library, from Poland, won it in 2014 with its project Programming of Curiosity, that “uses the educational technique of “gamification” and digital tools to stimulate a passion for technology.” for  the youth aged from 15-24.

In 2017, Lithuanian Kaunas Municipal Library Vincas Kudirka won it with their project Discover Yourself in 3D City, that creates new opportunities for young people to learn about technology, raises awareness about careers in technology and technical engineering, organize site visits to technology fairs and companies, and work experience internships for their learners.

That very same year, Plunge Municipal Library, also from Lithuania, was awarded for their project Plungė Smart Park, a virtual educational – cognitive program of Plungė park, which is also applied for mobile devices and tablets.

In 2020, Prelog Municipal Library, from Croatia, has been awarded with a training programme to teach preschool children and primary school children about how digital technology and finances work together. “Our training programme is a fusion of digital and financial literacy, so the children learn both at the same time,” in Maja Lessinger’s ( head of  the library) own words.

For the design of the training programme and selection of participants, the library works closely with preschools and primary schools in Prelog and surrounding villages. 

You can read all the details of this project through this link