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Exchange of Christmas traditions, a cooperative activity between Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar and Illescas Municipal Library

  Recently we have established a new sistership between a Slovenian Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar and Spanish Illescas Municipal Library. Since new connection was made in the time of the year when Christmas is being widely celebrated, we… Continue Reading →

New Sistership! Illescas Municipal Library (Spain) and Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar (Slovenia)

We are happy to announce a new sistership in the program: Illescas Municipal Library (Spain), one of the last incorporations has contacted a very active library in the program:  Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar from Slovenia. As a first activity, they’re going to exchange… Continue Reading →

Summer activities at Ljubljana City Library (Slovenia)

Library by the water In the summer months the possibility of reading is provided for the visitors of Kolezija and Kodeljevo waterparks. At each swimming pool they can choose from 200 books and journals, especially selected for adults, adolescents and… Continue Reading →

Pay a visit to your sister: Librarians from Public Library Ivan Tavčar (Slovenia) visit Public library of Panevezys (Lithuania)

Saša Ambrožič, from Public library Ivan Tavčar Škofja Loka sent us a text and some pictures about their visit to Public library of Panevezys. These 2 libraries have been partners since December 2015: A visit to our sister library in Panevežys At… Continue Reading →

Second year of cooperation  from Sisters Škofja Loka Public library Ivan Tavčar (Slovenia) and Public library of Panevežys (Lithuania)

Saša Ambrožič, from Škofja Loka Public library Ivan Tavčar in Slovenia has sent us some information about a new activity developed in cooperation with her Sister Library, Public library of Panevežys in Lithuania: February is an important month for both countries: we,… Continue Reading →

LinkINjob: e-Guidelines 2016

Those of you who read this blog regularly are probably familiarised with the project LinkINjob, an innitiative in which two of our sisters (Ljubljana City Library and Kaunas County Public Library) are participating, along with five other European public libraries. The full name of the project… Continue Reading →

Library in the pool, a summer activity of Ljubljana City Library

It’s summertime and libraries adapt to the customs of this season. People have more spare time and libraries take advantage of it, taking their collections out of the library building and into parks, beaches and pools. One of our sister… Continue Reading →

First cooperation from Sisters Škofja Loka Public library Ivan Tavčar (Slovenia) and Public library of Panevezys (Lithuania)

During April Škofja Loka Public library Ivan Tavčar (Slovenia) and Public library of Panevezys (Lithuania) had a fotographic exhibition exchange. Visitors of Škofja Loka library had seen exhibition by Lithuania‘s art photographer Gintaras Lukoševičius under the title: Retro photoshoot in museum… Continue Reading →

New Sistership!: Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar (Slovenia) – Public library of Panevezys (Lithuania)

We are very happy to announce a new sistership in the Program: Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar (Slovenia) is now connected with Public library of Panevezys (Lithuania). This is the first sistership for both libraries. They are already working on their first activity… Continue Reading →

Cinema bus: Mobile library at Ljubljana City Library (LCL)

Mobile library is part of Ljubljana City Library (LCL) and has been successfully included in different LCL events and projects. In the last few years we have paid special attention to the youngest target group. We organize special events and… Continue Reading →

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