We are happy to announce a new sistership in the program: Illescas Municipal Library (Spain), one of the last incorporations has contacted a very active library in the program:  Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar from Slovenia.

As a first activity, they’re going to exchange letters (using the postal service) with recipes of typical food for Christmas in Spain and Slovenia and information about the traditions in these 2 countries. They will send pictures, text, etc.  In this activity both the users and the staff from the libraries are invited to participate.

Once they’ve recieved the materials from the other library they’ll make a mural, and maybe an exhibition. We’ll publish a post once they’ve done it so you can see the results of this activity.


With these new sistership, NAPLE Sister Libraries has reached


 amongst all the participants!

Would you like to have a sister library as well? You just have to fill in the e-Form