Earlier this year we decided to change the image of the Sister Libraries program. We worked on that for a few months and, in May 2017, we launched the new blog. Changes included a new logo and a simplified structure. Also a new, easier way for the public libraries to join the program through an online form.

Dissemination is an important and challenging activity, so we also designed a range of products: leaflets, bookmarks, cards… with the idea of making it easy to use for those who want to help let the program be known. They are all downloadable, also the Sister Libraries logos so anybody can use, modify, reinterprete or simply print them.

They are all accesible through this page: https://www.naplesisterlibraries.org/spread-the-word/ 

Maybe you have a place in the library where you can display these products, or you want to create a poster promoting the Sister Libraries and want to use the logo. If you want to help us promote the program you can send us a picture of the action and we’ll upload it to the blog.

Our email address is: naple.sisterlibraries@gmail.com