This short video was made during our summer multimedia workshops conducted by Shadow casters and their experts. The author is Veno Mušinović and the children in the video are the trainees who helped to film it: 

The basic idea was to film thoughts, opinions and overall view of our patrons about our library, books in general and their reading preferences. The video was presented to the public during the central ceremony celebrating National Library Day of Croatian Libraries on the 10th of November where our library received Library of The Year reward.

The video has a warm feeling and depicts the close connection of our patrons and staff as well as home feel of the library. Since there are no subtitles, here are some thoughts which caught our attention:


  • I like to read romance and mystery novels.
  • I like to read children’s encyclopaedias.
  • I love to read because I can learn a lot.
  • I really love books!
  • I like to read because it isn’t hard and it’s fun.


  • When I start reading the whole world around me disappears.
  • I love our library. There are so many good books here. And the staff is wonderful. They are very outgoing and helpful.
  • Our girls are the best!
  • I always get what I want. The girls know what I want to read and they always make an effort to find good books for me.
  • For me, books are food for soul.
  • If a book I’m reading is good, I get lost in it. I get the feeling that I’m in that book and there is nothing more in the world for me except the story.
  • Yeah, our library is the best!

Maja Lesinger, library director

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