This year’s Book Day/Book Night event in Croatian libraries was celebrated with the theme heading “Do robots dream of electric books?”. It was conceived to question the phenomenon of artificial intelligence, which is slowly but surely bringing changes to the understanding of artistic and then literary creativity, raising questions related to originality, authorship and copyright, but also offering solutions that can be helpful to humans – even when reading books .

In order to cater the proposition of the current topic four libraries from the NAPLE Sister Libraries Programme have teamed up to create a unique collaboration. Using the AI as their mutual topic as well libraries from Croatia and Spain have built a 3D AI art exhibition and this is their invitation for audience and librarians likewise:

Welcome to our online exhibition, created by AI and librarians, showcasing various images related to books, reading, libraries, and librarians. This exhibition is dedicated to Book Night 2023, and the participating libraries who created the artwork using AI are part of the NAPLE Sister Libraries Programme. The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the power of the creative process using AI while also having some fun. We hope you enjoy this unique and exciting display of art!


Knjižnica i čitaonica Grada Preloga – Croatia

Gradska knjižnica Vodice – Croatia

Biblioteca Popular Circulante “Menéndez Pelayo” – Spain

Biblioteca Municipal de Vega-La Camocha – Spain

Exhibition curator and editor: Maja Lesinger

Artwork generated using AI App Imagine by Maja Lesinger, Manuela Busto Fidalgo and María José Fernández González

Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay


We invite other libraries and librarians to cooperate and expand the fund of the 3D exhibition. If you want to submit your AI Art work, download the Imagine application and generate images according to text instructions that you create yourself.

The topics are: books, members, librarians, book houses, bibliobuses, censorship, book fashion, tattoos and etc. See the exhibition for inspiration.

Send your works to with the reference AI Art.

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The exhibition has an international character, the deadline is June 15, 2023.

Thanks everyone!

Author: Maja Lesinger