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Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia)

Special Christmas Collaboration

We would like to share with you a very special library collaboration activity between sister and partner libraries sent to us by the Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia): 🎄 This year, we embarked on a magical journey with our sister libraries… Continue Reading →

Interview with rural librarian Maja Lesinger

World Rural Women’s Day was celebrated on October 15. From the NAPLE Sister Libraries program, we want to make visible the work of women professionals in rural libraries. We celebrate the day through the rural libraries that are part of… Continue Reading →

Cooperation activities: Book Day and Night 2023 from Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia)

This year’s Book Day/Book Night event in Croatian libraries was celebrated with the theme heading “Do robots dream of electric books?”. It was conceived to question the phenomenon of artificial intelligence, which is slowly but surely bringing changes to the… Continue Reading →

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