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Number of sistership established: 1

Country: Spain

Contact: María José Fernández González (Bibliotecaria); Verónica Delgado Schardong (Animadora -Sociocultural); Carlos Palomares Atienza (Técnico Auxiliar de Bibliotecas);

Description: We are one of the eleven libraries which integrate the network of libraries of the City Council of Gijón. Located in the suburbs, at 7 kilometres from the city, we give service to the an area which combined small farms and agricultural explotations with the settlements near the recently closed coal mine which nowdays is becoming a residential area with lots of young families moving from the city. The Library Department of the City Council is the headquarter of the net. The 11 libraries are located in different districts of the city giving library services to almost 300,000 citizens. The Citizen Card substitutes the old municipal library card. It is a personal master key that allows citizens, residents or not, access to many public services, libraries included. The whole network have 310,000 documents and had 330,000 loans in 2012. The global number of users, visitors and participants in the department activities sums up to 940,000. The Camocha Library area of influence spread out several parishes, some kind of districts in the rural area of the Council, including Vega and the settlement of La Camocha which is the name of the coal mine and other parishes around us. We have 25, 000 documents, free Wi-Fi access, IT room, Adult and Child rooms, Local room. Our library has 507 linear metres of shelf space in a 450 square meters building with 87 seats for reading, studying, etcetera. About the staff working: a librarian, a Library Assistant Technician and a Social-cultural Animation Technician.

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Type of library: Rural

Population served: Less than 10.000

Current library programs:
  • Activities for children and young adults
  • Activities in cooperation with other organizations
  • Gamification
  • Reading promotion
  • Storytelling
Activities you want to do with your sister library:
  • Exchange of ideas and expertise
  • Exhibitions
  • Reading clubs
  • Reading promotion
  • Social media

Languages spoken by staff: Spanish, English, French

Languages spoken by patrons: Spanish, English

Preferred countries for cooperation: No preferences

Searching partners for European program: No

Participating in any European Union program: No