In November 2011 the Public Library Daruvar (Republic of Croatia) has found its sister library in Czech Republic (Municipal Library Český Těšín). Since town of Daruvar is the larges center of Czech minority in the Republic of Croatia and very close and very familiar with their customs, we have decided to have sister library in this particular country.

The first joint project was realized on March 30 2012. The project title was ‘Night with Andersen‘. ‘Night with Andersen’ is manifestation that is beeing organized all around the world for 12 years now, and its goal is encouraging reading from the early ages.

Namely, on the aniversary of Andersen’s bithday (April 2), everywhere in the world, on last Friday in March children spend night in libraries in their sleeping bags.

Thanks to the Internet connection, that night, for the first time we were able to see collegues from sister library and other participants of the ‘Night with Andersen’ event.

In our and in their library approximatelly 15 children, aged between 8 and 11 slept over in library. Children communicated via Skype, and we have also organized creative workshops with themes from Andersen’s fairy tales. Children were acting, singing, reading and had a lot of fun through learning about Andersen with our new friends from our sister library.

How it all went you can see on our web page ( or by clicking on Youtube. Video of this great happening was also released on national TV news:[tt_news]=159554&cHash=51c3b980a9

Romana Horvat
Director of Public Library Daruvar