Daruvar Public Library organized again, for the fifth time in a row, with their sister Library in Český Těšín, a fairytale sleep over regarding to a “Night with Andersen“, a manifestation that is being organized all around the world for 16 years now, and its goal is encouraging reading from early ages. Namely, on the anniversary of Andersen’s birthday, everywhere in the world, children spend night in libraries in their sleeping bags.

This year’s celebration theme was “Little mermaid”. As Director of Daruvar Public Library Romana Horvat said, this year’s program will included friends from Bosnian and Herzegovinian Public and University Library Derviš Sušić Tuzla and Czech Elementary School Josip Ružička from Croatian Končanica.

Night with Andersen_2

Public Library in Daruvar prepared an interesting program for young audiences with a night of reading fairytales, making postcards and communicating with their friends via Skype. Among other creative activities and workshops, children illustrated Andersen’s famous story and their work will be available on boards in a library lobby.

The event took place last Friday 1th April 2016!

Night with Andersen_1