Last month we showed you how to apply to the call for participation in EAEA Grundtvig Award for adult education and refugees. Now we want to present some initiatives about how the libraries are helping to this collective.

Libraries welcome refugees arriving into European countries with plenty of activities for both children and adults, as well as access to information and education. We´re going to summarize some initiatives but you can see all them here:

1.- Find your way to the library: Library information Handout for refugees created by the Bibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland in Haarlem, Netherlands. The creators allow anyone to download and change the flyer – in English & Arabic – to their local situation. Printed flyers (double sided) can be distributed in refugee housing and other places.

post 5 abril

2.- Library Guide and Terms and Conditions: Library Card Terms and Conditions to download in 20 languages is created by Public Libraries in Austria and Finnish Libraries has library brouchures in several languages about how to obtain a library card or borrowing and return, among others.

3.-Refugee Work: In Librarie Heusden (Netherlands) the contact of the library with Refugee Work resulted this summer in the set up of a location in the library branch Drunen, where courses are given by Refugee Work. The next step might be to welcome and organize activities for children.

4.- Books in Arabic: Norwegian National Library (Norway) has given a grant of EUR 10 000, to buy more books in Arabic.

We´re sure there’s Sister Libraries that are working with this collective in successful activities. We want to know what makes your library to help refugees because it can be a good practice for another sister library. Please, tell us about it at