Four libraries in the program have joined together to develop an activity to celebrate the International Book Day 2019. These libraries are: Castropol Municipal library (Spain) and its Sister Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia) and  Vodice Public Library (Croatia) and its Sister Vega-La Camocha Municipal Library (Spain): two pairs of sisterships from two different countries gathered in a joint activity.

The innitiative consists in a campaign in social networks that’ll highlight the importance of the librarians. Throughout this week, from 22th to 27th April, the four libraries will take pictures and selfies showing the work of those people working in libraries, performing different tasks. This work sometimes goes unnoticed or is simply unknown by the users of the libraries.

These publications will be made in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using the hastags #workinlibraries #trabajoenbibliotecas #raduknjiznici.

If you want to contribute to this activity, you can interact with these publications so the innitiative reachs a wider audience. And of course, you can publish your own pictures and use these hashtags!