Plungė‘s Public Library (Lithuania) is happy to annouce about the new Project in Erasmus+ Strategic partnership for adult education “We are all together to raise awarness of cultural heritage” (WAAT, 2020-LT01_KA204-077823). From December 2020, WAAT project brings together six organizations with professionals working in culture, heritage management, adult education, and research institutions to develop new learning system and digital movies. We will work together as a lead organisation with Quiosq (Netherlands), ICARUS HRVATSKA (Croatia), EGInA SRL (Italy), The Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz (Austria), and Centro de Educación de Adultos de Olmedo (Spain).

 WAAT is a project aimed at adult educators, and seeks to promote both the exchange of good practices  and the development of new material to teach adult students about values ​​of cultural heritage across different European countries.

The project will open a range of different angles to access cultural heritage content. We expect to develop a modern and dynamic system for understanding and promoting aspects of cultural heritage through digital narratives.

The project involves the development of digital platforms, the creation of film media, and identifying aspects of heritage in other creative ways. These efforts are to be focused on specific target groups, but the final result will be beneficial for more groups, since our output, including the digital platforms, will be freely accessible to the everyone.

With this partnership project, we want to motivate adult educators to engage in shared history and innovation for the benefit of a better, more responsible way of dealing with the past and, ultimately, with each other.

We hope for a good start and final results.

Project coordinator, Plungė‘s Public Library‘s, manager of cultural activities, Gintarė Gurevičiūtė -Gailė