The initiative “Livros à Tua Porta” (“Books at your door”) aims to promote reading and easier access to books, in a period of greater social confinement.

It is a proximity librarian extension service developed by the Lúcio Craveiro da Silva Library, with the support of the S. Victor and Sobreposta Parish Councils, with mediation from the Municipality of Braga.

This service helps people with reduced mobility by increasing accessibility to books and reading.

It is a pilot project that can be extended to all parish councils that wish to join. The adhesion will be made by previous contact through the email

This program is part of the action plan of “Braga, Cidade Leitura – Local Reading Plan of Braga”, developed by the Municipality of Braga, in conjunction with the University of Minho and the Braga Library Network.


For the citizen to be able to take advantage of this service, he / she must be registered as a reader at the BLCS. Registration is free, by completing the registration form on the Library’s website.

Additionally, you must send to the email address – – the necessary documents to complete your registration, in accordance with Article 1 of the Library Regulation: .aspx  and wait for a response from the BLCS Customer Service.

For readers enrolled in the BLCS, the requisition process for home delivery is carried out within the usual parameters, up to 3 books per reader, during the 21-day loan period, which can be renewed twice more, if there are no reservations about the loan book.

Steps to note:

1. Search the BLCS catalog to identify the bar codes of the books you want to order – you can select up to a maximum of 3 books per reader;

 2.Enter the “Users” tab – -, selecting the form “Check the withdrawal / delivery of your loans here”;

3. Select the option “Books at your doorstep – Order books with home delivery by the adhering joints”;

4. Fill in the requested data, such as the barcode number of the book (s), the name of the Adherent Parish Council, selection of the date you want to receive the books at home.

The teams undertake to make two deliveries or collections a week, on Tuesday mornings (11 am to 1 pm) and on Thursdays (3 pm to 5 pm).

New loan applications are only accepted after the return of previously borrowed books.

For situations of return of works, the reader should schedule the request for collection using the same form.