Viana Municipal Library (Spain), Municipal Library of Semily (Cezch Republic) and Public Library in Aleksandrów (Poland) have organised a photographic exhibition where they show the most borrowed -and therefore most readed- books in their libraries.

The main show is taking place in Viana, where you can walk around the library while contemplating images of the 10 most borrowed books in the 3 libraries.

The 10 most borrowed novels in Viana Library are showing in the other 2 libraries, physically in Aleksandrow and virtually in Semily, as this library is closed due to the pandemic

This was the last activity developed in 2020 in relation with the sisterships Viana has established with Aleksandrow and Semily. Other activities during last year included exhibitions of pictures made by children users of the library and reading recommendations, amongst others.

For further information, you can check this blog

For 2021 we haven´t thought of any joint activity, but we’ll work in it, as these partnerships are very well valued by the users of the libraries and we consider it’s very interesting to maintain them.

Iñaki Suso, Viana Municipal Library