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Number of sistership established: 2

Country: Poland

Contact: Justyna Bździuch. Email:

Description: Public library in Aleksandrów is in south-east of Poland. Aleksandrów is a small village with 3211 inhabitants (2010). Public library is located at the Primary School named Children of the Zamość region . Library promotes access to knowledge and provides a wide range of resources. The resources in library can allow students to extend their knowledge and interests, indroduce them to new experiences. The resources are catalogued manually. The library accommodation is of enough size in relation to demands. It is open and accessible throughout the schoolday. The space is organised in such way that students can seat and read during breaks. There are special corners for: kids, local society where people can read about community, heritage, events in Aleksandrów and in province. The library offers course for children at the age of 6 and 12. The course is aimed at encouraging children to learn English. Our library is being done a projects connected with photography and art; cooperates with neighbouring schools, cultural organisations which one localised in Aleksandrów and housekeepers (promote regional dishes). There is also: book club "Okładka". We would like to praise our library and show some of our achievements: on exemplary library in 2010. The library was given first award in provincial contest called "Cultivating the Past we create Future"; the award of Anna Platto in 2007 (the best library in Lublin province).

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Type of library: Rural

Population served: Less than 10.000

Current library programs:
  • Activities in cooperation with other organizations, cooperation with rural libraries from all available countries
  • Culture promotion
  • Lifelong Learning programs
  • Local culture (local heritage)
Activities you want to do with your sister library:
  • Exchange of ideas and expertise
  • Exchange of information
  • Exhibitions
  • Promotion of local culture
  • Reading clubs

Languages spoken by staff: English and Polish

Languages spoken by patrons: Polish, English

Preferred countries for cooperation: No preferences

Searching partners for European program: No

Participating in any European Union program: No