Gijón is a beautiful and dynamic seashore city of Northern Spain. They recently modernized  the access to the cultural activities of the city by offering citizens, residents or not, the Citizen Card, a personal master key that allows access to many public services, libraries included.  The11 libraries part of the Municipal Library Network have substituted their traditional library card by this Citizen Card for almost 300,000 citizens.

The Municipal Library Vega‐La Camocha is one of them. It gives service to an area where small farms and agricultural explotations live together with the young families moving from the city to the houses built at the site where used to be a recently closed coal mine.


To do so they have 25.000 documents, free Wi‐Fi access, IT room, Adult, Young, Child rooms, Local room. Their library has 507 linear metres of shelf space in a 450 square meters building with 87 seats for reading, studying, etcetera.

The main programs are related to:

  • Cooperation with the local school library. ʺEntrebibliosʺ Since 2012, it’s a cooperation project between the school library and the public library for the exchange of experiences and the design of activities, programs and content in both physical and virtual environments.
  • User Trainning Program with Primary and Secondary School where local schools are involved.
  • Reading Promotion through two Reading clubs, one for Adults and another for Children. Now we are planning an online one, specialized in genre and youngsters.
  • Storytelling for children
  • Storytelling for toddlers
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Support program on homework for children of Primary and Secondary schools. They work together with the educational leisure entities and the counselling departments of the schools

As part of the Municipal Library Network of Gijón, they are in this moment working on the transformation of the library in a public and social space with multiple dimensions, a place where relations can be created based on reading and the encouragement of creativity.

Vega‐La Camocha Municipal Library is looking for a Sister Library. They have plenty of ideas and are a very active element in their community. They would like to cooperate with a library that has presence in Social Media and is involved in training programs. They’d like to share their thoughts and way of working with other libraries, trying to make the library a cultural centre, a meeting point for users and readers. They want to change that ʺtraditional roleʺ which shows libraries just as places where books are borrowed.

Do you want to be Vega‐La Camocha Municipal Library’s Sister? You can contact them directly at, write to  or to your national representative

library team

Library Team


Mrs librarian and Clementina, our children trainning program assistant