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Libraries in times of coronavirus: the case of Public Library of Pittem (Belgium)

Just as many Belgian libraries, Public Library of Pittem is closed for the public, but on April 6th we started a pick-up service. People can mail a list with materials they want us to prepare. On a fixed moment we… Seguir leyendo →

Vantaaltotaal, language exchange at Openbare Bibliotheek Ieper (Belgium)

Vantaaltotaal, which literally means from language to language, is a monthly recurring multicultural language activity where people who learn a foreign language are put together with people who have this language as their mother tongue. For example, Dutch-speaking people who practice… Seguir leyendo →

The Library Soul comes true at Public Library in Pittem (Belgium)

In July 2018 we disseminated through this blog a project that was looking for partners amongst the Public Libraries in Europe to apply to an Erasmus+ grant. It was called The Library Soul and involved professional photography and the recommendations… Seguir leyendo →

Kunst @ huis – Art lending in the Public Library of Pittem (Belgium)

For a number of years, the Public Library of Pittem offers a platform for local visual artists. This is a result of the intense collaboration with the local art circle ‘Ter Cauwe’, which has around twenty artists under its wings…. Seguir leyendo →

New library! Public Library of Pittem (Belgium)

We are very happy to announce that we have a new library in the programme, the 3th   Belgian library to join NAPLE Sister Libraries. And, also, the number 100 library in the program! Public Library of Pittem serves a small community… Seguir leyendo →

Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Kathleen Dubois, from Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium)

Here we come back today with another interview. This time we have Kathleen Dubois from the Library Tielt-Winge  from Belgium. It is the first Belgian library to be interviewed!   Bibliotheek Tielt-Winge was the first Belgian library to participate  in the programme,… Seguir leyendo →

New Sistership! Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium) & Ermua Municipal Library (Spain)

We have great news today: a new sistership for the autumn season! The Library Tielt-Winge  from Belgium and the Ermua Municipal Library  from Spain, incorporated to the programme this year, have become sister libraries! This will be the second sistership for  Library Tielt-Winge, which… Seguir leyendo →

Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium) Creates Promotional Video

Today we have news from Kathleen Dubois, the Director of Library Tielt-Winge from Belgium, who tells us that they have made a promotion movie for their  library with an iPad. The title is The Library is for everybody! Here you have it! Related… Seguir leyendo →

New Activities of Sister Libraries Tielt-Winge (Belgium) & Krapina (Croatia)

Continuing the work on the  cooperation between two sister libraries, Mrs Kathleen Dubois the Director of Library Tielt-Winge from Belgium visited Krapina Public Library in Croatia where she met with the employees, talked with the Library users and saw a librarian play called… Seguir leyendo →

2 New Sisterships!!

Today we are very happy to announce two new couples of sister libraries. Eddy Barbry, from the recently incorporated Openbare Bibliotheek Ieper, has informed us of their two new sisterships: Openbare Bibliotheek Ieper (Belgium) – Ptuj Public Library (Slovenia) Openbare Bibliotheek Ieper (Belgium) – Poreč Public Library (Croatia)… Seguir leyendo →

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