Vantaaltotaal, which literally means from language to language, is a monthly recurring multicultural language activity where people who learn a foreign language are put together with people who have this language as their mother tongue. For example, Dutch-speaking people who practice Spanish as a second language sit together at a table with people from Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico or Venezuela. At another table, people from Somalia or Afghanistan can practice Dutch with people from Ieper.

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and French are the most spoken languages in Vantaaltotaal.  Usually there are around forty attendees.

Vantaaltotaal is not the only language activity we organize. There is also a similar monthly activity where only Dutch is practiced. Occasionally, there are also class activities in which high school students spend an hour talking to non-Dutch speakers.

In all these activities, in addition to practicing languages, the social aspect is also very important.