Beautiful friendship connects Lithuania’s Panevezys district municipality public library and Slovenia’s Škofja Lokas city Ivan Tavčar public library. Once a year (usually in February)  the two libraries exchange exhibitions, which are meant to introduce people with another country  culture, history, heritage, nature or the artists. After the quarantine closed the borders of the countries, this year we decided to exchange exhibitions virtually.

This februrary visitors of Škofja Loka Ivan Tavčar public library  could get acquainted with one of the most famous Lithuanian folk artists, wood carver – Rimantas Zinkevičius and his unique exhibition of wooden angels “Worlds tree in angels”.

Artist loves carving angels because, he says, only an angel can reveal the true beauty and diversity of timber. And the wood, that was used to make the angels, was collected all around the world: eucalypt from Australia, plane tree from Hungary, beech from Germany, larch from Russia and, of course, Lithuanian wood – linden, poplar, plum tree and a six thousands years old black oak, which was found several years ago in Šventoji river. A small piece of them you can find on this link:

To our library visitors we introduced very warm, dear and cozy watercolor exhibition from Slovenia, Škofja Loka city – “Eddy and his watercolorists”.   (

This group of watercolorists, which was formed 10 years ago, delights us  with their art. Exhibition, which we share with our visitors, is intended to groups mentor Edi Sever, who left unexpectedly.

Not for nothing it is said : “When God closes the door – he opens the window”. When pandemic closed the borders, virtual windows opened. Thanks to them – our friendship with Slovenians friends continues.

On behalf of the library staff

Librarian Dana Pamerneckytė