Public Library of Panevezys municipality (Lithuania) and Public Library Ivan Tavcar (Slovenia) every year exchange art exhibitions.

This relationship has been going on for several years now and this year the libraries have decided to work together in the project “The borders of cultural pilgrimage” of the Public Library of Panevezys municipality.

Art exhibition “Best regards” of Slovenian artist Simon Šubic , was not only exhibited in the Public Library of Panevezys municipality, but also in several smaller district libraries. It was the main goal of the project – cultural events had to reach the libraries of more distant villages.

Additionally, this exhibition was also presented to cultural  workers in Human Study Center training. This activity has contributed greatly to popularity and diffusion of our relationship with Slovenian colleagues. The Slovenian exhibition was truly impressive.

Simon Šubic has surprised us with postcards, where his own painting motives dominate mostly: the past life, folk celebrations and traditions. Simon Šubic, with his postcards, which have a real value and purpose, is protecting the memories of the time that has already passed. The exhibition often made visitors feel nostalgic.

The Public Library of Panevezys municipality also has sent an exhibition to its Slovenian colleagues : cuttings from paper “Openwork legends“, which was made by well known Lithuanian folk artist, the nurturer of old art of cuttings, Virginija Jurevičienė.

Lithuania was famous for art cuttings since long ago and they have remained popular even now.  Majority of the artworks contain various lithuanian folk symbols, traditions, nature themes: animal or plant cuttings, some cuttings contain baltic symbols.

Both of the mentioned exhibition have returned home and the sistership libraries are already wondering which exhibition they are going to propose next year.

Text by Dana Pamerneckyte

Photos by Laura Telyceniene Kupste