On September 8-10, Panevėžys celebrated a special anniversary – its 520th birthday. For three days, residents of Panevėžys and guests had fun and participated in various activities. The team of the Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library also participated in the city’s jubilee celebration, which this year held its activities on Freedom Square and next to the Civil Registration Department of the Panevėžys City Municipality.

On the sunny and warm day of September 9, the Elena Mezginaitė public library team organized educational activities for the little residents of Panevėžys in Freedom Square, on the lawn next to the fountain. Children could watch the Kamishibai Theater story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and make a craft. Children aged 0-3 years with parents participated in the “Rabitt lulls children“ activity at the “Warm Zigmutis lawn”. The little ones were rocked, loved, and played in the colorful space near the fountain.

Other activities awaited the participants in the middle of the Freedom Square. They were putting together a puzzle with views of the city of Panevėžys. The cube puzzle was not an easy task, but a great feeling was to overcome this challenge – the puzzlers took pictures next to the assembled cityscapes.

The team of the Elena Mezginaitė public library invited you to come to the creative workshops: the participants of the celebration actively and willingly made medals from the modeling clay and souvenirs with the slogan of the city’s 520th birthday – “Panevėžys sounds good!”. Both older and younger residents of Panevėžys were involved in the production of badges: the participants themselves chose the drawing, colored it, decorated it in their own way, and observed the badge production process.

Next to the Civil Registration Department of the Panevėžys City Municipality, the library program “Melody I was looking for in the wind…” was held. As songs based on poet Elena Mezginaitė’s lines sounded, many tasks awaited those who came to this library stand: some turned the wheel of “Happiness” others put together stanzas of the poet’s lines, and the youngest did jigsaw puzzles.

An impressive festive procession crowned the city’s birthday, in which the public library team of Elena Mezginaitė, dressed in bright blue flowers, marched among 120 different institutions and companies of Panevėžys. The author of The Beautiful Flowers is library artist Asta Radvenskienė. The library is happy and thanks the residents of Panevėžys for their excellent support in the procession.

The jubilee birthday of Panevėžys has passed, but the impressions remain. And so that the festive mood doesn’t wear off so quickly, the branches of the Elena Mezginaitė public library will be exhibiting exhibitions dedicated to the city’s upcoming birthday throughout September, so we invite you to visit!

Text by Vaida Žalienė, Anžela Vasiliauskienė

Photos by Vaida Žalienė