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Number of sistership established: 1

Country: Lithuania


Description: The main office Public Library of Panevezys region (later called as PLPR) is situated in Panevezys city.The territory of Panevezys region is 2179 km² with 43.000 inhabitants. Responding to the cultural, informative needs of inhabitants there is established centralised system of libraries- Public Library of Panevezys Region and situated in Panevezys city with 35 branches in different villages and small cities in Panevezys region. To the library belongs 3 literature museums where are organised also educational programmes. The Public Library in Panevezys region deals with all age groups. We serve adults, youth, children. Our main activities are: lending books, working out reading materials, offering access to the internet, promoting reading, activities and competitions for children and youth, organizing meetings with writers and poets, organizing computer courses for senior citizens, organizing annual poetry competition, taking part in local culture events and others, according to the needs. In PLPR locates administration, operates different sectors: • Books gathering and arrangement; • readers service; • regional studies sector. In the PLPR works 14 librarians and economic part of the stuff. In the branches of PLPR in 35 different small cities and villages usually works one employ, the average of books in one library is about 6000 with 150 to 300 different age readers. Libraries have quite big problem with supply of new editions but people are interesting in reading periodical newspapers, magazines. The cultural life usually takes place in libraries – literature and poetry events, books fairies. A lot of children and youngsters like to spend their time in libraries. An important role libraries play as the local point for media and communication. In some rural areas libraries usually it’s the only public place where people can use internet. Library takes part in lots of different cultural, educational projects, organize activities and trainings inside library for different age groups, organise day camps for the children.

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Type of library: Rural

Population served: Less than 10.000

Current library programs:
  • Activities for children and young adults
  • Art promotion
  • Celebration of ephemeris (Day of the library
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Technology Literacy (Digital Literacy)
Activities you want to do with your sister library:
  • Exchange of ideas and expertise
  • Exchange of information

Languages spoken by staff: Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, Italian

Languages spoken by patrons: Lithuanian, Russian, English

Preferred countries for cooperation: Latvia, Estonia,Poland, Finland, Sweeden, Denmark, Norway

Searching partners for European program: Yes

Participating in any European Union program: No